Level Up Helps Build Strong Positive Mindsets in Young Female Athletes

Adolescence is anything but easy. As much as I disliked many of my teenage years, I am grateful to have grown up in a simpler time. The heightened pressures our daughters face today have created a new level of anxiety which is preventing them from developing the confidence skills they need to be happy, contributing young adults. Sports can be a safe space to deal with struggles, overcome disappointments and build confidence. My goal is to give young athletes the tools to keep playing, making mistakes and growing through a love for their sport.

Working with Alison

Alison takes her young athletes beyond the physical skills to the mental side of sports. During 1 on 1 sessions young athletes will develop individualized tools to manage pressure and anxiety, overcome mistakes, deal with perfectionism tendencies, improve self-talk, find intrinsic motivation, set goals, build routines, treat yourself with compassion and become more resilient.

Mindset improves Mental Health

Mental Health is your overall level of well-being and functioning; this level goes up and down for everyone. Mental Illness is characterized by changes in an individual’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours which significantly impair functioning in daily life. Someone who experiences significant changes for a period of 2 weeks or more should seek help from a medical professional.

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Mindset Coaching

Fear of failure is the most common inhibitor to success in athletics. We gain confidence when we experience challenges, deal with the uncomfortable feeling, learn and find success. This increased self-esteem has the power to keep young athletes in sport, help them perform better at school, and give them the tools to maintain better overall mental and physical health. The skills that can be developed are endless. Participation in sports teaches young athletes responsibility, builds resiliency, and improves organization, communication and teamwork skills that your athlete will be able to use in all aspects of their lives. 

Studies show that the brain’s plasticity gives us the power to grow and evolve in response to life experiences. It is because of this neuroplasticity that we are able to change limiting patterns of thinking to develop a positive mindset. It is important to remind ourselves that automatic thoughts are NOT facts and they can be based on an irrational belief. Through the Level Up program, athletes will gain an appreciation for the malleability of the brain. They will develop increased self-awareness, have new insight into thoughts and feelings while creating positive self-talk and improved focus. Athletes will learn to balance pressure to reach their individual peak performance in both practices and games. They will also reinforce learning through self-reflection. Every young person should have the opportunity to learn these important life skills.